From Mongolia to Mainland China

Country: Mongolia China

Restaurant: Asian Grill Shan Dong

The Stew: Szechuan Cabbage Soup

Other Food Ordered: Shan Dong Dumplings, Onion Pancakes, Hot Spicy Chicken, Ginger Beef, Sesame Paste Noodles

When life gives you lemons, you make lemonade. Likewise, when the only authentic Mongolian restaurant in the Bay Area is closed on the day you go to eat there, you make the best of it and venture to the nearest restaurant of the geographically closest ethnicity. Apologies for the late blog post–our last FoxStew journey was a bit of a mishap. The border of Mongolia just wasn’t open for us that day, and we had to skip the country all together and travel to mainland China.

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Fox Stew

Korean Hole-in-the-Wall

Country: Korea

Restaurant: Toyose

The Stew: Seafood Stew

Other Food Ordered: Lychee Soju Cocktail, Corn Cheese, Kimchi Pancake, Kimchi Fried Rice, Spicy Fried Chicken, Japchae

From Japan, we departed to Korea… meaning we went into the Outer Sunset neighborhood of SF and tried some food at a Korean bar. A converted garage turned restaurant/bar, Toyose provided a glimpse into Korea’s late night pub food options.

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First stop: Japan

Country: Japan

Restaurant: Izakaya Roku

The Stew: Garlic Tonkotsu Ramen

Other Foods Ordered: Bacon Mochi, Beef Tongue Skewers, Uni Ontama, Hamachi Kama Shioyaki

We began our journey in Japan, traveling west from our home base of San Francisco. It’s an easy start for Ned and me. While this journey is supposed to help bring us new experiences, we ended up going to our neighborhood Izakaya where the waitress recognizes us as “regulars”. But it’s the most authentic Japanese food we’ve tasted in San Francisco, and what better than to share our favorite Izakaya with the other Foxes.

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