For such a big city, San Francisco can feel small and lonely at times–especially for a techie transplant like myself. I’m far from my original home of New Orleans, and I feel even farther from the family I left behind: my aunts, my uncles, cousins, siblings, nephews, and most of all, my parents. All are in New Orleans: 2,000 miles away, which traveling to is a luxury.

It’s not all bad, though. I’m married to a wonderful Mr. Fox, and we’ve made a cozy life for ourselves here. His brother, the other Mr. Fox, also lives in San Francisco with his wife. Together, the four of us have made the best of this city (which honestly, isn’t hard to do at all).

But sometimes, San Francisco does feel just a little small and a little lonely. And when it does, I go to the kitchen, cook my mother’s delicious red beans and rice (or something close to it), close my eyes, and take a bite. I’m instantly transported to my dining room table in New Orleans, surrounded by my long-distance friends and family and everything that has to do with the culture and people I long for.

Food isn’t just a supplement to get by with. It brings us back to the people we love and the places we miss. It’s truly a comfort that is unmatched by any other carnal experience. It’s diverse in flavor but global in form: the melting pots of rice, the perfectly seared meats or fish, and  (most importantly to me) the stews and soups: the slow-cooked, marinated bowls of warmth that could only be prepared by someone who truly loves you.

While San Francisco can feel small, one thing it does not lack is a diversity of ethnic restaurants: Burmese, Nicaraguan, Hungarian, Moroccan, Mongolian, you name it; and while traveling the world or even to visit family is a luxury, these restaurants are a commodity. They make up some of the most affordable and highest-value dining experiences in a city full of michelin stars.

So here’s our mission: Travel the world by restaurant. Tackle each country by spoon, one per week, in geographical order and in true Fox fashion.  

Welcome to our journey!