The Growth Triangle: Indonesia, Malaysia, and Singapore

Country: SIJORI Growth Triangle (Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore)

Restaurant: Borobudur

The Stew: Rendang (Beef Stew)

Other Food Ordered: Kangkung (leafy greens), Nasi Lengkap (aromatic rice), Roti (savory flat bread), Tek tek (stirfried noodles), Gado gado (salad with peanut dressing)

Desserts: Pisang Bakar Keju (banana with shredded cheese and sprinkles), Bubur Ketan Hitam (black sweet rice with coconut milk), and a coconut ice shake

We couldn’t find many restaurants for Singapore, Indonesia, and Malaysia, so we decided to consolidate the three of them with the restaurant Borobudur. It calls its cuisine Indonesian, but was recommended to us by a Malaysian friend and seems to be the most authentic food that represents all three countries / city-states (which are also joined together by a financial “triangle” called the SIJORI Growth triangle).

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Polynesian Pu Pu Platter

Country: Polynesian & Pacific Islands (Guam and Samoa)

Restaurant: Polynesian Luau (Samoa)  & Prubechu (Guam)

The Stew: Caramelized Potato Soup (Prubechu / Guam)

Other Food Ordered: Polynesian Luau: Boiled Taro, Banana, Mulipipi (turkey tail), Po Po Mamoe (coconut lamb), Kale Mamoe (curry lamb); Prubechu: Tuba (coconut wine) Tinaktak (coconut beef with pasta), Red Rice with pork belly and bacon, Coconut Pancakes with tuba butter

Dessert: Bonelos Aga (banana donuts)

Polynesia is an interesting destination because there are so many islands. We decided to mix and match among the only two pacific island restaurants we could find in the bay area: Prubechu which serves high-brow Guamanian cuisine, and Polynesian luau, a Samoan family-owned convenient store that also serves some home made dishes.

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