Filipino Finger Food

Country: Philippines

Restaurant: Pampanguena Cuisine

The Stew: Sinigang na Baka

Other Food Ordered: Pancit Bihon, and Kamayan for 2 (a combination platter): barbecue pork, grilled tilapia, grilled pork, coconut rice, lumpiang shanghai, steamed vegetables, salty egg, mango / tomato / onion salsa

Dessert: Leche Flan and Halo-Halo

As we continue to make our way through Asia, our travels take us to the Philippines. Or at least a small family-run Filipino restaurant in SF’s Excelsior district. With island decor and a karaoke machine, the restaurant was unmistakably Filipino. We were greeted by the cheerful servers who helped us figure out what to order. Continue reading